Japanese sword
 will connect people.

*”剣-ken-”= sword, including the human spirit and human act and skill of using 刀(katana; Japanese sword with one-sided blade)

The Dojo

Feel the joy of your own possibility and develop it with each other

~As a place where people express~

Learn about your body, learn about your mind, and live your daily life. You will soon realize that you can do what you couldn’t do before.By accepting yourself, you can accept the others.Living your life earnestly will move yourself.

”剣-ken-” gives you the wisdom and courage to enrich yourself.

Cooperate with the others, think, imagine, and create

~As a place where people develop health~

By learning how to use your body, legs, 刀katana, and learning the meaning of “礼-Rei-(bowing) using 5 senses, you will learn about your body and mind.By creating the tachimawari movements and story of the scene by yourselves and actually moving yourselves, you will learn that you need other people’s cooperation to create one scene.By expressing in front of people, you will learn the difficulty and the joy of communicating something to people, that will lead you to become confident with yourself.By facing “death” you will learn the importance and joy of “life”.

To learn ”剣-ken-” means to develop your life skills.

Face your body and be active throughout your life

~As a place where people find the purpose of life~

By conditioning your body through rubbing, stretching, relaxing, loosening up, and moving you will realize your body becoming healthy. By communicating with young generation and enjoying together with smiles, you will realize your mind becoming fresh.By performing in front of people, you will give power to people and receive power from them.
In the world of 

”剣-ken-”, you stay active throughout your life.

Create your body while playing

~As a place where people create their bodies as a whole~

Learning some basic ways to use your body, such as running, jumping, turning, dodging, rolling while playing.Experiencing a society within the children’s society. Balancing up your body and soul in your daily life by sometimes blowing out your expressions.

”剣-ken-” will support you in various ways.